Cherished Saint

Cherished Saint is inspired by Dr. Gena Poovey and her many years of service to the Department of Music at Limestone College (Gaffney, South Carolina).  As I have gotten to know Dr. Poovey, I quickly discovered the level of pride and dedication she selflessly gives to her Limestone family.  Through her hard work and dedication, she has experienced many accomplishments and faced many challenges.  The idea of Cherished Saint is intended to paint a different picture of Limestone.  Using various fragments of the school’s alma mater, I attempted to recreate Dr. Poovey’ s personal journey that placed her in the path of numerous challenges and sometimes defeat.  The one thing about Dr. Poovey that has been unwavering is her hard work and countless hours dedicated to the students, faculty and staff at Limestone College and its musical success.  The final statement represents her triumphs and life-long partnership with a place she loves so dearly.  Through this composition, I name Dr. Poovey as Limestone’s Cherished Saint.

Premiered Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019 by the Limestone College Wind Ensemble

Gaffney, South Carolina