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J. W. Pepper Editors' Choice

Ghillie Dhu (Gill-e Dew) “Elf of the Forest” is inspired by a creature from Scottish Folklore.  A lonely male fairy, the Ghillie Dhu was usually friendly and quiet, but occasionally wild in character.  This creature was also known to have a gentle piety to children.  The Ghillie Dhu lived in a birch wood within the Gairloch village and near the shores of Loch a During of the north-west highlands of Scotland.  The Ghillie Dhu is depicted as dark haired and clothed in leaves of moss.  Typically, the Ghillie Dhu did not like it when people would enter his forest yet was helpful to children that might be lost.

Premiered Friday, February 1st, 2019 by the

Limestone College High School Honor Band

Gaffney, South Carolina

Published by RWS Music Company and distributed by Alfred Music

Greensleeves (Flexible Ensemble) Claude T. Smith/Arr. Earp