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Captain James C. Harper created the Lenoir High School Band (1924-1977), which is a program to be remembered and honored for the major accomplishments and contributions to North Carolina high school bands.  One of the most notable accomplishments is of course the band’s 42 consecutive superior ratings at concert festival (now MPA).

Based on the Lenoir High School Alma Mater, this piece presents a journey through time to celebrate the great Lenoir High School Band.  The opening of the work is set up to represent a book that has been closed for some time.  As the book is opened, a celebration of the Alma Mater is presented in a joyous representation of the band.  The middle section of the work represents the furniture factories that filled the town along with a hint of sadness of the loss of such a great program.  After a reflection of loss, everyone must remember and celebrate everything the band and its’ leaders accomplished.  The ending section of the piece includes some familiar tunes including the West Minster Chimes (used to open the L. H. S. Band concerts), Bearcats (L. H. S. fight song) and a final resolving statement of the Lenoir High School Alma Mater.  Remember the Bearcats!

Premiered Thursday, November 7th, 2013 by the 'Spirit of Cox Mill" Symphonic Band

Concord, North Carolina

Published by BKJ Publications and available at JW Pepper