Storming the Keep

Storming the Keep was inspired by the “keep” at the famous Rochester Castle in England.  The “keep” for any castle is the strongest and most heavily fortified.    The storming of Rochester Castle refers to a time in the early 1200’s when King John set forth to take back the building from rebels that had overtaken it in a previous battle.  Storming the Keep starts with a time of darkness.  At the beginning of my work, the keep has already been over taken by rebels.  A great siege begins as the tempo quickens as the storm begins.  Eventually, the passion for the great building that has just been reclaimed sets in followed by celebration for the reclaimed keep.  The storm must be remembered by the story being passed down to younger generations so the great siege will never be forgotten.

Premiered Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 by the Limestone College Wind Ensemble

Gaffney, South Carolina